Las Vegas Driving Experiences

I had the pleasure of participating in five different driving experiences here in town, and I have to say it was absolutely the funnest thing I’ve ever done! I had no idea that Las Vegas was such a car town and that people actually come here just to partake in some of these driving opportunities

Growing up in Detroit, I was surrounded by the car culture. Most of the guys I knew could tell you make, model and year of every car that went by, and soon enough, I was a willing participant.

As a teenager, I would buy car magazines, particularly those focused on the exotic or luxurious. I’ve always loved cars and I’ve always loved driving.

You can read all about my recent experiences in my article, I Can’t Drive 55,  for the June 2013 issue of Luxury Las Vegas magazine here, or read the entire issue here. The June issue will be online starting on the 1st.


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