Introducing the Diana Diaries Series

The Diana Diaries Series follows the life of Diana MacKenzie, a successful marketing manager in Silicon Valley. She falls in love with a very special Chris Christensen, who she believes is the love of her life. After their marriage and subsequent divorce, coupled with a failed economy, Diana aims to rebuild her life in the new home town she’s grown to love – Las Vegas.

Destiny Drop Book 1 in Diana Diaries SeriesThe first book in the series, Destiny Drop, takes us on that journey of the initial rush of new love and business success followed by Diana’s challenging attempts to rebuild her life by working in retail sales. Many people, both men and women, can understand Diana’s frustration at being underemployed and coming to grips with surviving on a much smaller budget. Shockingly, Diana is also exposed to some personalities she could never have imagined.

The end of Book 1 finds Diana still struggling, but with a strengthened resolve to re-imagine her life in Las Vegas. Book 2 moves her life in a positive new direction while Book 3 completes the main story arc.

More books are planned in the series.

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