Happy Birthday, Little One

Little One

Today we celebrate a very special day. My precious Divatiel, my fine-feathered friend, Jake’, was born on this day in 1989.

Unfortunately, she’s no longer here to keep me company, but she’s always around in spirit. Everyone I meet asks me about my bird. After caring for her for 17 years, I suspect word got around that I was keeping a cockatiel.

Jake’ was extremely camera-shy, so I think all my good photos of her are included in the book. I haven’t found any others as I’ve been organizing and tidying my house. However, there are times when I’m cleaning through an area that I know I’ve cleaned before, and out pops one of her feathers. I guess it’s Jake’’s way of saying, “Hi, Mom!”

This photo reminds me of Jake’ because she loved to cuddle on my neck under my hair. It was her comfy napping place, but she also hid from strangers, preened, yelled at me and nibbled on my jewelry in the safety of her little hair cave.

If you’d like to learn the full story of Jake’ and how she took complete control over my life, be sure to pick up a copy of my book, Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion.

I’ll be spending the day thinking about my little one, and all the wonderful things she taught me.



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