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Lessons from the Divatiel

These lessons are included in the back of my books, Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion. I’ve also included audio of the full lesson.


Products – Divatiel – Gift Bag Ideas for Bird Lovers

Divatiel Gift Bags

Let’s face it. The holidays are not the only time of year we’re tasked with finding fun, useful and unique gifts for loved ones. Over the calendar year, there are birthdays, graduations, promotions, Boss’s Day, Administrative Assistant’s Day, and a whole range of other personal events that require a special gift.

Creating the perfect gift bag is always a challenge, but we know the items in this one will be used long past when the last candle is blown out! This gift bag is suitable for a wide range of ages, from the middle-schooler to the college graduate about to enter vet school to the animal-loving retiree. You can adjust the contents depending on your budget and the occasion.

Here are the gift bag contents, in detail:

The book – Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion, tells the story of how four ounces of spirit took over the household and became the diva that everyone has grown to love.

The canvas tote – This makes a great book bag, work bag, grocery bag or knitting bag.

T-Shirts – Shirts come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to suit your needs.

The coffee cup – Big enough for your caffeine fix, but works for tea, too 😉 If the recipient is not a coffee or tea lover, stainless steel water bottles are also available.

The tiara – Every woman needs a tiara, right? These closely match the ones on the book cover. We have limited quantities available, so contact us at sales@grandarborpress.com for more info.

All items except for the tiaras are available from the Grand Arbor Press store. If you see something on the site but we don’t have it available in our store with our little birdie logo, please let us know.

These bags make great gift items for any bird or animal lover you know. No one can resist the charms of the Divatiel!

Thank you for your interest,

Team GAP

Happy Birthday, Little One

Little One

Today we celebrate a very special day. My precious Divatiel, my fine-feathered friend, Jake’, was born on this day in 1989.

Unfortunately, she’s no longer here to keep me company, but she’s always around in spirit. Everyone I meet asks me about my bird. After caring for her for 17 years, I suspect word got around that I was keeping a cockatiel.

Jake’ was extremely camera-shy, so I think all my good photos of her are included in the book. I haven’t found any others as I’ve been organizing and tidying my house. However, there are times when I’m cleaning through an area that I know I’ve cleaned before, and out pops one of her feathers. I guess it’s Jake’’s way of saying, “Hi, Mom!”

This photo reminds me of Jake’ because she loved to cuddle on my neck under my hair. It was her comfy napping place, but she also hid from strangers, preened, yelled at me and nibbled on my jewelry in the safety of her little hair cave.

If you’d like to learn the full story of Jake’ and how she took complete control over my life, be sure to pick up a copy of my book, Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion.

I’ll be spending the day thinking about my little one, and all the wonderful things she taught me.



Divatiel Virtual Book Tour Begins!

Cindi-Maciolek Virtual Book Tour

February 9th marks the beginning of the Divatiel virtual book tour, thanks to Virtual Book Tour Cafe. Over the next five weeks, you’ll be able to follow my guest blog posts and author interviews regarding my bird book on a variety of spectacular blogs across the Internet as well as Blog Talk Radio.

I’m so excited to have this opportunity to share with you fun details about my cockatiel book, my writing life and myself. It’s a bit crazy as I have a lot of special writing during this time, but I’m so honored to participate in this journey.

Updates and links will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure you’re following me. The links are on the upper right of this website.

See you in the blogosphere!

Yay!!! My bird book is almost ready!

Those of you who know me know how much of an impact my fine feathered friend has had on my life. I’ve been busy working on her book, and I’m proud to share with you the cover of Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion. I also want to give a big shout-out to Shelly Volsche for designing the cover.

Divatiel: Reflections of a bird's companion

We’re finishing up the editing process, and I’m searching through her photos to determine which ones to include in the book, so it’s still a couple of months away. However, we’re starting a pre-order list so we can officially notify you when the book is available.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be able to share the wonderful love of Jake’ with you and your friends. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, but in the meantime, put your name on the list!!!

Go here to sign up, and thanks for all your support!