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Obsessed! Havaianas – Ode to a shoe

Havaianas - Ode to a shoe

Anyone who has ever worn Havaianas knows how comfortable and durable they are. I bought my first pair over 10 years ago, and wore them nearly every day. Believe me, they went everywhere with me and must have traveled thousands of miles. When they recently broke, I felt they needed a proper send-off. So, here’s my personal poem to a perfect pair of shoes. And, yes, the ones in the picture are mine! Enjoy!


Alone on a shelf, discounted to boot,
I wondered if they would even fit my foot.
Perfect they were, in both size and style.
I looked down at the floor and started to smile.

The journey began at the checkout lane
But soon life without Havaianas would drive me insane!
In winter and summer, we traveled the globe
Wearing blue jeans or dresses or perhaps just a robe.

Mile after mile, from land to the sea
My Havaianas were so right for me.
Like soulmates, or solemates, we two became one
Sometimes for work, but mostly for fun.

Wherever I went, my Havaianas went, too.
I just couldn’t leave home without that shoe!
Then, one day, on a trek from checking the mail,
I felt a weird tug on my big toenail.

I tried to walk but I just couldn’t move
My Havaianas had lost their groove!
The strap had broken; it tore apart
But more importantly, it broke my heart!

My Havaianas had been my best pal, you see
Through good times and bad, it was just them and me.
They’d expect no less than a proper good-bye
For a moment or two, I really did cry!

But off to the store, my spirit spent,
I had to replenish – to my heart’s content!
Three pairs are now in my closet to share
Adventures wherever my Havaianas may dare.

So, you see, they may be just a flip-flop to some
But to me, Havaianas are the only one!