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Here are the main topics we’ll cover in this blogosphere:

#Books – From character studies to books in development
#Divatiel – Aimed at bird-lovers and animal-lovers alike, based on my book of the same name
#Recipes – Favorite recipes I just can’t get enough of!
#Obsessed – Anything I’m currently obsessed about
#Playlists – Good music to listen to
#KonMari – Cleaning out the house the KonMari way
#CindisThoughts – If I’m thinking about it, I just might write about it!
#WriteOn – Tips, tricks and thoughts on the writing life
#Caregiving – Things I’ve learned and observed while being a caregiver to my Mom
#EmergencyPreparedness – Whether at home or for your business, reminders for preparedness

The following business topics are discussed on AuntiCindiPresents.com  and the Aunti Cindi Presents Facebook page:

#AuntiCindiPresents – Helpful suggestions from a sage aunt and her cronies
#TameThosePeskyDetails – Follow along monthly as we cover topics in the book
#GoodIdea – More business thoughts and suggestions that tie into the book
#ChicFromHome – Thoughts on how to work from home in a chic and elegant way

Many of the things I observe and write about here will lend themselves as inspiration for my books.

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