About Cindi

Cindi is entering the fiction world with the release of her first novel, Destiny Drop, part of The Diana Diaries series. The book’s heroine, Diana MacKenzie, first finds love and marriage and a globe-trotting career, only to be beset by the economy, divorce and the challenges of trying to make it on her own in a new town – Las Vegas. It’s the story of life that many a woman – and man – can identify with. The first three books in the series complete the initial story arc, with more books in the series to follow.

Cindi is also proud to be part of Aunti Cindi Presents, a collection of sage advice for fulfilled lives. Her first three books in the series include How to Screw Up A Good Idea, Tame Those Pesky Details and Finding Success Through Friendship.

Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion is a loving tribute to her feathered companion. Through the book, she reaches out to bird and animal lovers about the loving place pets have in our lives and the lessons they teach us.

Cindi’s first foray into the publishing world was the release of The Basics of Buying Art. After writing numerous articles for The Robb Report and Delta Sky Magazine about contemporary art and artists, Cindi was besieged with questions about how to build a personal art collection. Thus, the book was born. It sold out its printing and is currently unavailable pending an update.

Poetry and lyrics are a mainstay in Cindi’s writing life. She loves to tell a story through rhyme. Her collection of poems published under the title, Java Jems: 5 Minute Inspirations for Busy People, both in book form and audio CD/mp3.

Cindi was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, an MSU Spartan for life – Go Green! She worked in high tech marketing and public relations in Silicon Valley and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.